Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day February 20

cat, national love you pet dayOf course we love our pets every day, but it’s nice to know there’s an official day to pamper our furry friends even more. Here are some ideas to show your beloved pet — whether dog, cat, fish, bird or rodent — how much you appreciate their unconditional love and affection.

  • Take your dog out for a longer walk. With our busy lives, we sometimes need to cut corners, and many times this means a shorter walk for Fido. Today, add some time to this important ritual with your best friend — take a new route, and stop and smell the fire hydrants. Your dog will welcome it, and you’ll feel better too.
  • Feed your pet a special treat. Whether you pick up a new treat at the pet store or create one yourself, all pets appreciate something new and tasty. You might attach a special treat to the side of your bird’s cage or give your pet rabbit her favorite vegetable. Of course, if your pet is on a special diet, don’t blow it, and ensure the treat is safe for your pet. Never give your dog chocolate!
  • Give and play with a new toy. You can buy a toy at the pet store or supermarket, or you can even make one — toilet paper rolls are perfect for a mouse, bells and string for a cat. Throw a Frisbee or ball for your dog. The exercise will be good for them, and your love and attention even better.
  • Let your rodent out of its cage. A mouse or hamster needs to explore a larger territory sometimes, so let him roam freely, under supervision of course, so he can stretch his little legs out of the cage.
  • Appreciate your pet. Our pets give us so much without our having to ask — unconditional love and numerous health benefits, including stress relief and lower blood pressure — and they ask for little in return. Show your appreciation today and every day.

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